In English

I’m Kyuu, a CISO, serial entrepreneur and culture volunteer worker from Multisilta.

You can describe me as leftist, a rightwinger, a centrist, bourgeois, a liberal and many other mostly useless titles – neatly in one package.

The right to be an idiot is the greatest freedom there is.

My basic philosophy. There isn’t one person on earth without at least one opinion that just sounds so silly. Yet we share the same earth and do it much better together.

Publications (mostly in Finnish)

Work: CISO. Also running smaller businesses Tietovelhot oy and Tietotunkki oy.
Hobbies: Walking, photography, organizing culture events, tech tweaking, volunteer work.
Home: Multisilta / Perkkoonpuisto, and a little cabin in Sastamala.

Kuvaaja: Helene Lindfors

Positions of trust

  • Tammerkosken Kokoomus ry, secretary
  • Tracon ry, perustaja, vice chairman
  • Tampere Kuplii ry, founder, vice chairman
  • Säätöyhteisö B2 ry, founder, chairman
  • As Oy Tampereen Gabro, chief of security
  •, photographer, general organizer
  • Pirkan blogit, founder, administrator


Due to the nature of my work in infosec, I don’t widely use social media services.